Rutgers Study

Rutgers Study: COVID-19 Symptom Tracking Apps: Yay or Nay?

Researchers at the Rutgers School of Communication and Information are studying the ways in which symptom tracking applications for COVID-19 can be improved to aid in the prevention of the spread of the coronavirus. Using a COVID-19 Symptom Tracking App is not a requirement for participation. The research team is interested in understanding why (or why not) people use these apps.

Research funded by the National Science Foundation and led by Professors Jaideep Vaidya and Vivek Singh, is looking into the priorities and concerns participants have regarding COVID-19 related to sharing and receiving of information.

Participants in this study will be required to attend a video-conferencing session that will be recorded and will last approximately one hour. Information during these sessions will be collected and stored in an encrypted electronic database to which only the research team will have access. All analysis will be undertaken in a confidential manner and findings will be released only in aggregate terms. Any quotes used will not mention the name of the individual.

Anybody who is 18 years or older, lives in the US, is comfortable answering survey questions in English, is able to join a video-conferencing session, and is comfortable with having their audio and video recorded during this session is eligible to apply.

Users will receive a total compensation of $50 for full participation in the study. Participants will be allowed to leave if they feel uncomfortable for any reason during the focus group. Participants who start the session, but do not complete it will be paid $15 for their partial participation. Any interested users can contact the research team at: